Beautiful Music at Jesuit’s vol. 10: Gae-Hwa

Gae-Hwa is a band that plays Korean music with new twists.

The band name “Gae-Hwa” is Korean and means blossoming; it is the opening of a flower and the beginning of Spring. The trio takes traditional Korean music as a starting point for improvisation and exploration. Some songs can be calm and meditative, just like a poem about a slow summer breeze. Other songs are based on lively folk-dances and celebrate, for example, the arrival of spring. With their warm sound and relaxed charm, Gae-Hwa create beautiful landscapes for the listeners ears and inner eyes.

Sang Jun Ahn – guitar
Min-Ki Cho – bass
Jan Deléle Kadereit – drums, percussion

Entrance 75/50 DKK
After concert – a meeting! Wine, cookies, talk ♥