Beautiful Music at Jesuit’s vol. 10: Sebastian Zawadzki Ensamble

Sebastian (born 14 October 1991) is a Polish-born pianist and composer based in Copenhagen who has been releasing albums since 2014 as well as composing and arranging music for a wide array of media. In his works he incorporates elements of classical, electronic and jazz music. His style is a combination of jazz, classical and electronic music and an unconventional approach to the piano.

In July 2017 he released his third album “Between the Dusk of a Summer Night” inspired by William Ernest Henley’s poetry. It is a neoclassical work performed by Budapest Symphony Orchestra and soloists, combined with electronics and nature sounds. This work integrates musicians across the different music genres.
In April 2018, Zawadzki released a postclassical minimalistic album “Norn” inspired by an extinct language “norn” for string quartet, piano and ambient synths. Sebastian is also working on a serie of “Piano Works”, improvised compositions recorded on different kinds of upright pianos and grand pianos.

Sebastian will perform with our friends:

Sebastian Zawadzki – piano / compositions
Flavia Huarachi – flute
Ania Rybacka – voice
Lo Ersare – voice
Joel Illerhag – bazantar

Listen to music by Sebastian here:

entrance 75/50 (student)