Beautiful Music at Jesuit’s vol. 11: Liva Mo

Liva Mo translates the silent melancholy of a winter night or the destructive energy of waves into chords and melodies.
The music inspires and leaves behind imaginary views of nordic landscapes.

She finds inspiration in personal experiences and sceneries and through that she invites the listeners into her atmospheric space. The music has an organic touch and within the contrasts, lightness and darkness meets.

She shows savagery with her expressive and sentient voice. Her songs forms a natural and original sound, that balances between a fragile and powerful place.

Liva Mo solo is a fusion of the singer-songwriter tradition and the nordic indie-pop universe. With metaphors and imagery she forms a wild and original landscape that touches the soul like nature touches our core-being.

Livas music appears to be conceived specifically for the church. The silence and sacredness of this space invites the listener to enter into a sanctuary for the mind and soul.

Entrance 75/50(student) DKK
after the concert, the usual meeting, wine and sweet cookies ♥