Beautiful Music at Jesuits’ vol. 5: Armenian Sacred Music

This time we will have a rare chance of travelling to the world of sacred music from Armenia. One of only two concerts in Denmark!

ARSEN PETROSYAN is a young duduk master numerously awarded for his talent.

He lives in Charentsavan, Armenia. Seen as a musical prodigy, he has initially started his studies at the age of six, learning the “shvi” (Armenian wind instrument) with mentor Krikor Khachtryan. He was graduated from the State Conservatory Komitas (Yerevan, Armenia) where he’s studied with famous duduk master Gevorg Dabaghyan.

Despite his relative young age (he was born in 1994), Arsen Petrosyan is an accomplished professional musician who has toured in the United-States, Russia, Canada, India, Germany, Spain (Canary Islands), France, Republic of Georgia as well as in his own country. He is currently soloist of the Jnar Armenian Traditional Music Ensemble (Yerevan), as well as in his own ensemble recently created, the “Arsen Petrosyan Trio”.

Arsen Petrosyan goes beyond the boundaries of traditional music (Armenian). He invites his audience to travel toward countries far beyond Armenia : the world is his oyster. His diverse collaborations are here to prove it.

Arsen will be joined by already known by SWAN audience polish pianist Grzegorz Tarwid.