Beautiful Music at Jesuit’s vol. 8: HELLAS

The next concert at Sank Augustins Kirke will be a danish band Hellas:

Hellas is an instrumental duo consisting of piano and drums. In their music they examine the sonorous potential of their instruments, and they aim to push the boundaries of these – both individually and in interplay with each other. Inspired by both modern composers such as Xenakis and James Tenney as well as ambient-pioneers like Harold Budd and Sakamoto they operate in a field between the strict and the free. With simple and repetitive motifs they open up a space, where time stands still and the room is floating.

In 2017 they released the EPs 209 and POP, that show the group’s diversity. From the minimalistic to the very voluminous – from the avant-garde to the more accessible. The have supported for the dutch piano-phenomena Joep Beving and some of their tracks are rotating on The Lake Radio.

Peter Sabroe is the pianist and Jeppe Justesen the is drummer.

And, of course, meeting after the concert with wine and something sweet 🙂

tickets 75/50 DKK