Beautiful Music at Jesuit’s vol. 9: Touch & Eternity

We are so much looking forward to the next concert…

The music will start at 20:00!

The group led by Jonatan Melby Bak, will try to honor the nature of patience and contemplation within the dimension of group dynamics. Hopefully this trying will stand as a clarifying totem in the beautiful setting of Sankt Augustins Church and help the band convey strong feelings of love and hope.

Dina Charlotte Damgaard Bodé – Violin
Oskar Friis-Hansen – Cello
Carlo Janusz Becker Lauritsen – Trumpet and flugelhorn
Sune Sunesen – Piano
Jonatan Melby Bak – Double Bass
Simon Forchhammer – Drums

It is the ensembles very first concert and we hope that you can be there with us ♥

Entrance 75/50 DKK and after the concert – meeting, wine, sweet cookies 🙂