You are international young adults, speak English, live in Copenhagen, and prepare yourselves to a Catholic wedding in Copenhagen or elsewhere. Here, you can start you marriage prep with fr Pawel Rakowski SJ or fr Pawel Ben SJ, and a team of befriended married couples. Just contact one of us. It is enough if one of you is a Catholic. The whole course consists of an opening individual meeting with one of the priests and six one-on-one meetings with various married couples who lead you through the materials approved by the Danish diocese. It takes approximately six months. If you get married in Denmark, such a course is required by the local diocese. If you are not English-speaking young adults associated with Sankt Augustins Kirke / CAYAC, we refer you to the main marriage preparation course run by the Danish diocese or your local parish priest.



Fr Paweł Beń SJ


Fr Paweł Rakowski SJ

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