My name is Daniel Nørgaard. I was born in Denmark in 1980 and was ordained a priest in 2007. I used to be a diocesan priest in Copenhagen, but I entered the Society of Jesus (the order of the Jesuits) in 2019. Since I came back to Denmark in 2022 I have been working at our Jesuit school and as a chaplain for CAYAC.


Catholic Association of Young Adults in Copenhagen (CAYAC) gathers first and foremost English-speaking students and young adults living in Copenhagen. We are also open for ecumenical initiatives and for people of good will who would like to get to know us and our Christian way of life.

We believe that faith is not only a private affair. That is why we want to share it with one another. We grow as human beings thanks to friendships that we make as we walk through our life. It is also easier to experience God’s presence together with others.